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12-Oct-2016 00:24

The deeply religious pop star canceled the fan meet-and-greets he had arranged to do during his tour, saying that he felt drained from “absorbing the spiritual energy” of so many different people.Soon after, Justin announced that he would no longer be taking photos with his fans, saying that he “feels like a zoo animal” and needs to do what is “fit for [his] growth.” While some opined that it sounds like the superstar is in a dark place, others thought it seemed more like Justin was in the middle of a spiritual awakening and a search for authenticity.Bieber was seen barefoot, listening to music, and climbing trees in Chicago parks in recent weeks, according to [T]he “Sorry” singer Justin Bieber returned to the Boston Public Garden and sat straddling a branch of a tree.The news came days after he walked barefoot, fed squirrels, and warned fans not to take pictures with him.reports that Justin Bieber is finally ready to settle down again, and it won’t be with long-time on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.The flirtatious pop star is said to be interested in settling down and “having a serious relationship” with actress Nicola Peltz.It was a strange Bieber behavior in Massachusetts [sic].[On the] same day Bieber was seen first time at the park, he alarmed fans to stop taking pictures with him.

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Justin and Nicola apparently went on a date recently and Bieber expressed his interest in taking things further, saying he believes “something steady would be good for him.” It comes after weeks of what some have dubbed “bizarre behavior” from Justin Bieber.

The heartthrob broke down on stage during an emotional performance of his song “Purpose,” which is about his relationship with God.

For a second day in a row, Bieber enjoyed his time alone in the park.

He listened to “Scarborough Fair” music playing in the background, had his headphones and waved his arms up in the air.It made him feel like a zoo animal, and he wanted to keep his sanity, Bieber explained in his Instagram post.

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