Dating lois lane short story

20-Sep-2016 18:50

Silver Age, where Superman was a pimp that Lois was trying to impress (which was funny, I might add), post-crisis where he married her? Right now, she's fine being a friend and a coworker, they have told what new stories they can about her and Clark as a married couple without being pretty redundant.

Let her be the coworker and keep expanding her role in the DCYou beyond Superman.

Some underwater interview in Atlantis would be cool...

I'm not sure it's a question of people not liking it.... There's no question Lois and Clark are, well, Lois and Clark. But do you notice on the new Muppet show that Kermit is dating another woman- eh, pig?

You've got to mix things up to keep things fresh, so you're not repeating exactly the same story in the same way over and over again. The Christopher Reeves movie franchise Superman dated Lois.

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Not like isn't entirely the word I would use so much as say tired of it and would like to see things get a little mixed up.

I've personally always liked the Superman/Lois thing, especially when they were married.