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17-Feb-2016 05:58

At no time have I ever even considered sending money because I was familiar with the good information provided at

Although she claims to be "Larisa", she wants the money sent in the name of "Lubov Garilova".

Also, a huge thanks to everyone for all of the birthday love that I received on Friday.

I loved getting all of your messages and posts while abroad and it always makes me happy hearing from so many wonderful people that I've accumulated in my life over the years OBERSTDORF, GERMANY: Lubov Ilyushechkina, 24, Moscow, Russia, and Dylan Moscovitch, 31, Toronto, Ont., won the silver medal in pair at the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf, Germany.

She uses western union as her way to request money. I urge everyone else who had contact with this person to lodge complaints and seek prosecution.

The scammers involved claimed to be from Krasnoarsk, Russia.

She also always states she "has no passport", yet I already new that all Russians are automatically issued a passport.

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The team scored 118.42 in the free for an overall score of 184.40. Later will tell you she loves you and needs to be with you.