Dating man 20 years older than you

21-Dec-2015 05:05

I love this man with my soul and we are getting married next year.

He's been married twice before with 4 kids(2)from each marriages and the youngest being 16 months.

Love comes in many different shape and sizes and often ages so dont't let a good opportunity pass you by cause you might not get another one. We spent three wonderful years together and it failed due to other issues.

He also teaches me alot of things In life that is very important.

I as well teach him alot of things resolving todays society.

hi there uhh i totally agree with "age doesnt matter" thing but i think that theres at least a bit of a limit here people. and thats fine but guys lets be serious for a moment...20 years older? Your only in your 20s, you can afford to be in a relationship with him but please don't think it will aways be so good. In your 20s your still learning about yourself and you will change. Look around at so many examples and you'll probably see what I'm saying here.

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