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07-Sep-2016 11:57

That tradition continues today at Epiphone’s Gibson Qingdao (GQ) factory near Qingdao, China where only Epiphone instruments are crafted.

Epiphone recently spoke with two key employees who play a huge role at the Epiphone factory.

Lloyd Williams serves as General Manager and Director of Asian Manufacturing Gibson China and Scott Lewis is the GQ Plant Manager.

I soon became a line leader and for the next four years trained in raw material processing which included rough mill, neck assembly and fingerboard assembly.

In 1994 I was promoted to supervisor of neck and fingerboard assembly and over the course of the next 6 years supervised various departments of the USA plant, all the while learning proper processes and techniques.

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Fifteen years or more ago, Epiphone instruments were being made at the same Asian guitar factories as most other competitive brands.The problem with that scenario is that it's difficult, if not impossible, to have a substantially better instrument than your competition when the parts, process and people who make them are the same.

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