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You also sound a little clingy imho ( sorry ), meeting a girls parents is a big step for a guy. Don't ask him out and if he comes to you, play it cool. If you act disinterested, he'll be like, "wtf how does this girl not want me? I don't think the comment 'sex was cool' can be any more degrading. He is only using you, if he won't meet your parents and won't give you as much as even an explanation; it's time to move on. And then you came across way too strong after that. Don't read too much into his texts and don't ascribe more meaning to the sex itself if it happens again. When my boyfriend leaves to go to work he insists that we tell my grandmother that we are officially a couple. I hate to break it to you, but he doesn't care about you or meeting your parents.

I think it would be best if you take a little distance for now, if he wants to be with you he'll text you, don't worry about that. It won't be easy to resist, I know, but for your own good, DON' T text first. Be careful with casual fucks, if the feelings are only one sided, it will hurt you emotionally more than you can imagine when he finds someone else. Calm down, take a deep breath, and don't act so clingy. No more "I miss you" no more "meet my parents" no more "I'm excited to see you". " and he'll work harder to prove that you do want him (therefore giving you more attention) its all reverse psychology. Please, never talk to him again, unless he has an EXTREME PERSONALITY CHANGE. It should be opposite - you use him for the piece of meat until you find someone that treats you right. Why ever would a guy who says that want to meet your parents. Out of interest, how would you introduce him to your parents? You need to stay so far away from him, move in the opposite direction!! He's just feeling you out to see if you're worth more of his time and attention. And I'm not trying to be mean, but I think you're over thinking thing "relationship"..

Then you tried to changed it to something more "romantic" and all the reply you got was "NAH"!? If he liked you as much as you seem to like him he wouldn't be that busy with work and would make the time for you . I think you need to relax a little bit just to be able to read him better. This guy is not into you, he is just into no strings attached sex, Stop texting him and move on to someone who can at least come up with an excuse as to why he won't meet your parents. Please don't move 33 miles to be closer to this ass that says, "Hey thanks for the cool sex." He is not someone to waste your time on. Do NOT move to be with him, I can't believe you're even considering something so foolish. Just stop texting him, stop sleeping with him, & never, ever talk to him again. After a nice lunch, I was tired of just wearing the damn sexy dress and making out with him so we snuck back to my place and had sex. A sense of losing a girl is a good tactic against a guy. How long are you guys dating, first of all he doesn't meet your parents until he takes you to meet his, second you don't offer to go and pick him up and third you don't move anywhere for a guy that says "hey sex was cool..." Believe me when you meet the right guy you won't need to to do anything of wonder if he likes you, he will make sure you know and will show it with his acts.

He'll text you again soon asking if you want to meet up with him. Don't give it to him right away, make him take you out to dinner or something first. If he likes you for you and not just for the sex he'll have no problem with that. Go out and find yourself someone that is into you :) WOOWW... Guys like a chase, you can't show that you like him that easily!! You're definitely being too eager like others have said, but that's still no excuse for him to be so dismissive. Hold out for a guy who isn't a selfish, rude prick who will actually have some respect for you. He wanted to get a hotel room (later that week) but my now boyfriend is hot and we have amazing chemistry. Anyway, my grandmother comes home, while we've been getting busy. Your making yourself to available and coming on to strong. You really need to cool it with the next guy and just let him set the pace of the relationship, don't rush...

i really want to get to know him better but he is always so busy with work and lives thirty three miles away. i think this could really work out but i dont want to move all the way out there and have my heart broken. Now coming from another Jake this sleazball wants nuthin to do with you baby doll. Okay assuming this isnt fake and you are this needy...

You bein all crazy and invitin that dip flip to your parents is wack yo, dont smother him if you want to cover him wit jo body. There are lots of guys who'll be lucky to have you. Stop using multiple question marks and oddly placed smiley faces it's not attractive to anyone and makes you seem too eager, cool your jets. I bet you know deep down he's a douche but looking for any reason to keep him around. As a guy, I would say that if you have been seeing him for a long time (6 months to a year) and you guys act like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship but he doesn't want to meet your parents then yea..doesn't give a shit about you and just wants to bust it...

The only reason he texted you that was to see if you'd be like "Hell yeah sex was cool, come over and let's fuck again right now! In my opinion as soon as I read "sex was cool" my brain processed the word ' RUN' because he obviously only wants one thing and one thing only. I think the next level down is "I think I love you".

There is no way in hell this guy is good for you, so find someone who's worth your time. Imagine a guy who you're not into, who went on a date with you, showed you all kinds of attention, and you kissed on the cheek.

You sound mad sexy and dont sell yourself short with this fool. He said sex was cool and does not want to meet your family. Chalk this one up to experience and now find a guy who'll appreciate you. The only message you should've sent was the "Haha but yea I had fun (no smiley face), what are you up to today? You are most likely co-dependent and realizing you can't MAKE someone care is your first challenge. He was finally able to check you off his "to do" list. I think he's "cool" with sex but not any other part of you.......gotta find someone else and maybe go on some dates and introduce him to your rents before you jump into bed with him... If this is like a month into it and you're being all clingy like this, then yea you put this on yourself cause you're being psycho. He's not into you, it's like if he had said it in person he would give you a slap on the back like he would a mate...

So let's look at the facts: He liked having sex with you, we know that. " and you could've possibly had some sort of conversation with this guy. What he does want is more of the sex that he thinks is cool, and probably some dirty sexting. I honestly do not believe this is real but in any case. Secondly, the fact that he lives so far away is an advantage for him to not have to get to know you any better and he will always have an excuse. Yes you like him but don't assume that he feels the same way. He's not into you for anything more than meaningless sex, and he's going to shred your heart into a million microscopic pieces. uhm, thats your sex-ed brain talking I hope and not your poor heart... My boyfriend met my grandmother after two was kind of like, oh we were crazy about about each other. You would actually do better with getting this dude if you weren't so available for him. He responds "Nah" after mentioning meeting your parents and you respond "ok miss you"???