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14-Sep-2016 05:21

In Norway, a man gets to know a woman by hanging out at work or school or together with shared friends.

(Never only his friends, and rarely only hers.) Asking a girl you barely know to do something alone with you is creepy, even if it is in a public place.

Norwegians don't date, although young people these days have seen it on TV or movies and a goodly number of girls have simulated it when playing The Sims.

I suspect the real life experience may be slightly different from The Sims though.

Girls can be devious, if they really want a guy, they will often think of something.

If you already know each other fairly well, for instance from work, it may be time to take the plunge and tell her that you like her and enjoy her company, and ask if she wants to have coffee (or beer, depending on your social class) together.

Don't try anything super formal or something that takes an inordinate amount of time the first time.

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You don't talk about things that her friends can't listen to until you've talked about the things they can listen to.By then you will both have a pretty good idea whether you want to spend some more time in private, and it won't be hard to find an opportunity to ask.Your buddies will be able to recommend a local place based on their experience and their knowledge of your personality, in that case.Last but perhaps not least, sexual equality is very real here, and while girls may earn slightly less on average, they are generally MORE in charge in relationships.

So if a girl really likes you, unless she is generally shy, she may well ask you out first.

Even if she is shy, she may get a friend to ask you to join some kind of group setting where she is.

(We don't know, and you haven't told us how much you want to spend either.) Going on his suggestion of the lifting bar, what about: - Weight lifting gloves - Additional workout gear, like dumbbells or plates for the bar (these get very pricey, though) - A mat for your home gym - i Tunes gift card for workout music - A portable stereo for his MP3 player - One of those i Pod armbands - New earphones - Workout clothes - Gift card for new exercise shoes (he should pick these out himself) - Homemade coupon for post-exercise massage and dinner made by you Stuff like that.… continue reading »

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These were women I had NOT been previously intimate with. But they all led to real sex almost immediately after. In the age of sexting, phone sex is like forgotten lore. The last time I’ve actually heard it referenced in the mainstream was during American Pie 2. Remember my 80/20 rule – 80% normal conversation, 20% flirting.… continue reading »

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We were booked to stay the end of September, 1 night.… continue reading »

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Romance simulators, and more recently romance training game hybrids, are always looking for a new way to spin the "one protagonist, many love interests" set-up.… continue reading »

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