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01-Oct-2016 01:51

A study led by Vladis Griskevicius of the University of Minnesota has found that an overflow of men in the dating pool can drive their consumer behavior down the drain.The authors present a striking example between the cities of Macon, Georgia and Columbus, Georgia.Separated by less than 100 miles, these communities have common cultural and economic milieus.When it comes to finances, however, the residents of each city have widely different stories to tell.What happens when there are too many or too few men on the marriage market?

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In Macon, there is a shortage of available males, with only .78 men for every woman.

Research has exposed that such imbalances spur shifts in mating dynamics.

Now, a team of scientists have superimposed another layer of change that results from biased sex ratios onto this image: consumer behavior.

Inhabitants of Columbus can bemoan an average consumer debt that is astonishingly higher than those who call Macon their home — a difference of ,479 per person.

What might explain this relative spending spree by individuals in Columbus by comparison to their neighbors to the east?

Meanwhile, Columbus is teeming with single suitors, with 1.18 men for every woman. Investigations into how gender imbalances shape behavior begin with studies on animals, specifically focusing on the proportion of males and females of reproductive age.