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Here are same ways to respond to the most popular criticism and questions directed toward women who don't shave.

Quite a few people have told me I need to loosen up because people do things to look good all the time, including one mansplainer on Twitter who "taught" me about grooming rituals in the animal kingdom.

My brief moment of fame wasn't the most relaxing period of my life, but it did allow me the chance to do something I'm very happy to do: Give ignorant people a piece of my mind while busting myths about gender and beauty.

My decision not to shave my legs wasn't even really an active decision.

I started shaving around age 13 or 14 because that was just what my peers and the media taught me women did.

But during college, when I reflected on the unfair beauty standards imposed on women, the whole ritual began to seem superfluous.

Since I've dealt with a lot of comments about not shaving my legs, I've had to chance to come up with a few diplomatic but assertive responses.

They'll probably also apply if you don't shave your armpits, bikini line, or anything else society expects you to shave (even though it really, really shouldn't).

I started going months at a time without shaving because I just had more important things to do.

When my boyfriend told me he liked that I didn't shave because it meant I thought for myself, the last reason for me to potentially start shaving again went out the window.