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St Paul expected the end to come within the lifetime of many living Christians, and they should live free of commitments, so they would be ready. No matter how many tests are performed, they can never be conclusively proved. Scientific theories about reality are framed in such a way that they can be tested against reality. The very impossibility of the articles of Christian faith made them attractive to the second century Christian father Tertullian: Everyday and scientific reason is based on evidence, probability, and logic. Voltaire again: "Faith consists in believing, not what appears to be true, but what appears to our understanding to be false" [Philosophical Dictionary,, Foi]. "Faith consists in believing what reason does not believe," wrote the eighteenth century French philosopher Voltaire [Philosophical Dictionary, Inondation].So testability means in practice that they must be falsifiable.These predictions often begin life as testable claims, with a clear time frame.

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The hypothesis of an invisible God is not meaningless: it has many implications for the way people think and the way they live their lives. Instead of one entity - a universe that exists for no reason - we have two (God plus the universe) one of which exists for no reason and the other for no reason that we can understand (see The self-existent cosmos). We have no evidence, and probably never will have, that our minds survive the death of our bodies, and no reason to believe it except for wishful thinking.

But there is no conceivable evidence that could ever confirm it or falsify it. This category also covers all beliefs about the afterlife, including heaven, hell, resurrection and reincarnation. A third category of unfalsifiable beliefs are untimed predictions of improbable events, such as the Second Coming of Christ, the Resurrection of Bodies, and the Last Judgement.