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04-Apr-2016 07:29

I just have to pop onto one of my Facebook groups and I’m immediately reminded, I’m not alone. We are placed in a position of caring for others nearly constantly. Try to shift your thinking, maybe there was a good reason you missed that appointment, that you were sure was on Tuesday but apparently was on Monday.

However, you still need and deserve to be cared for. Maybe your kiddo had a tough day at school and just needed the night off. But beating yourself up isn’t going to change the situation, so try to move on. You may not leap buildings in a single bound or run faster than a speeding bullet but you are a superhero none the less.

That entails asking friends or family to bring a meal by every now and then, or going for a pedicure, or a date night, or whatever else you enjoy doing. Everyday, you manage situations that a regular parent would think are impossible.

Whatever makes you feel special and taken care of, take the time to enjoy it, you are worth it! You stretch tight muscles, remember pills, inject and infuse medicine.

You are a therapist, nurse, doctor, friend and confidante. Since then, I have grown, I have learned and I have come to understand. What I mean is that the best therapists find ways to make my son engage in challenging activities that he otherwise would have balked at, by making it a game that he wanted to play. After discharge from therapy, we sought extra curricular activities for my son that would offer therapeutic benefits. However, while everything on your calendar is important, it’s also important to make time to play, laugh, be silly and just enjoy your kids.

We took a page from their book and did the same at home. He played sled hockey, runs on a track team, learned to shoot archery and takes swim lessons. Read to them, snuggle with them, engage with them with what’s important in their worlds. 8) You will be obligated to make heart wrenching decisions.