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13-Jan-2016 09:57

Settlement began in 1620 when the Pilgrims landed at a point they named Plymouth, after the place from which they left in England.

John Carver was the first governor and only survived one year in the new colony.

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During the French and Indian wars some settlements were destroyed, however some good did come from the war.William Phips was the governor of the new royal colony and did nothing.Realizing the great distance from their mother country, America didn’t feel so dependent on Britain for troops by the end of the wars.Becoming more concerned with their own problems and investing more in their own land, they began to think as American rather than British citizens.

In 1691, a new charter united Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth into a single royal colony of Massachusetts.Church membership and a test for voting were abolished through this charter and Congregationalism was the established religion.

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