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The port was founded on the ground of resolution of State Defense Committee of the USSR dated June 20, 1945 and order of People's Commissariat of the Marine of the USSR dated July 2, 1945 under No. June 20, 1945 became the date of new Russian Baltic port foundation.

At that time the port as well as the whole city itself presented horrifying picture of destruction: storages, railways, communication lines and cranes – all these was buried in ruins.


The port traces is origin from one of the oldest Baltic harbours of Koenigsberg – capital city of the former East Prussia.



The city foundation at the Pregel watermouth, its development and prosperity has always been considered to be connected with commerce and trade routes with its junction in the port in all times.

As modifications and updates can be made at any time, you are invited to check regularly this information or to contact our local offices.The first head of the port was Prichert Mikhail Fyodorovich, who was sent on a business trip from the Severodvinsk port.