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23-Jul-2015 17:58

i find this very lame as well as cheap but somehow it works here in Jaipur.i don't think so i am kind of guy who can ask for a girls cell number to her friend, i would rather ask directly to her.Thanks for A2A; I am not a dating expert, but have some experience about relationships in general.Let me share my thoughts: Before we start talking about dating a girl, you should start with some basic thoughts.Talking skills - mostly girls like guys who have good talking skills with lots of humour.You have to find out what girls look for in a guy (with whom she can think about going out).

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But it seems like approaching a girl directly in India is treated more as pervertness rather than audacity or confidence(i am still searching sense in this).i guess girls don't feel safe with stranger man, or may be there are too many pervert guys out there on facebook and real world that girls have a negative generalization of man in their question to girls is- how would you like to get asked?my question to men is- how do you ask women out directly ?