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14-Oct-2015 02:17

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It’s only fair to the artificial humans that my official introduction into the blogosphere be right here on, and away from the dogmatic matrix that is mainstream media.After all, I represent both the alpha and the omega of consciousness that internally bleeds within the souls of alternative hip hoppers, ghetto nerds, neo soul cool cats, backpackers, hippies, skaters, poets, artist, punks, and black rock kids who simply want to dig their own private and social manifestos of thought and action, even if the world doesn’t understand to commentary of the content nor the protest. Commentary Arthur Bellfield I am Boots Riley from the Coup given a different name and form, but like Boots, I too want the world to “Dig It” and scream “F Columbus” even if I’ve shaved my afro off and have given up translating Saul William’s “Co-ed Language” long ago, and embraced my own Terror Dome of thought.However, I’ve found that when you’ve finally reached that moment where you’ve dropped serious H2O on the fiber and you’ve come into your own as an independent soul, that society wants to shackle you back into its definition of blackness.

Here’s a brief synopsis of some of these stereotypes; If you listen to gangsta rap you must be ghetto or thuggish and have some form of drama in your life, if you’re a backpacker you’re a nerd and got beat up in school a lot and chances are you’re on some social political conscious tip, and if you’re a black rocker or an Afro-punk, you must be cocky and have “white boy swagger like Brent Michaels” and a bit too arrogant for your own good, and of course you must date white girls since the jury is still out on you for listening to mainly “white people” music!

I won’t pretend to speak for everyone, we already have to many people claiming to speak for this generation or the next.

But, seriously The Souls of Black Folk at least demand that you keep an open mind and continue to read this!

Afro-punks are no different from anyone else in the sense that they gravitate toward people with similar interest and beliefs, and it wasn’t until Afro-Punk became a unified movement that many of these people found each other, especially with the help of the internet!

Feel free to start a whole moment to disagree with me if you like, if anything it’ll be worth two minutes of entertainment.

That’s how much haters opinions are worth these days.

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