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09-Jan-2015 23:23

The ABPS doesn't communicate with ASPS about such matters.Members must inform ASPS directly of any limitation of your license, or if convicted of a felony or other crime relating to, or arising from, the practice of medicine.I reported this to the ABPS, but do I have to report it to ASPS as well?I'm feeling pathetic enough and don't want to be further embarrassed.ASPS Code of Ethics Section 2, subsection I (A) discusses disciplinary action if a member's right to practice medicine is limited, suspended, terminated or otherwise affected in any state, province or country for violation of a medical practice act or other statute or governmental regulation - or if the member is disciplined by any medical licensing authority. You may also have to meet with the Judicial Council to explain what happened.I can assure you that its members will be objective in their interview with you.Editor's note: "The Higher Ground" is designed to keep ASPS members aware of the real-world ethical quandaries that plastic surgeons commonly face.

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A: Thank you for sharing your candid, painful story filled with harsh lessons and happenstance.

It's not uncommon for members to report their plight to the Board while neglecting to inform the Society.

Readers are encouraged to submit questions directly to Dr.

Gryskiewicz at [email protected] to Q: I hate to admit it, but I had a long affair with a patient.

It's a long story, but we got into an argument about whether she would benefit more from a brow lift versus an upper-lid blepharoplasty, and she ended up suing me for the surgical result - seemingly to have the "last word" in our relationship.Our affair was discovered in the course of the malpractice suit, and her attorney reported our liaison to the state medical board, which suspended my license for several months.