Dating restaurants in new york

24-Dec-2015 15:00

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They offer unique his-and-hers perspectives on NYC dating dilemmas and put forth some great tips on just how to date in New York City. But I would call them "repercussionless daters." Their mentality is such that if the woman they are on a date with isn't giving them exactly what they want, they have no problem ending the date abruptly and moving on to the next woman, who they believe is around the corner waiting in desperation to go out with them.

Plus, many times these men are in absolutely no hurry to commit to one woman. They have way too many options with all of the single women out there more than willing to go out with them.

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See how they brilliantly roasted him in tune with the Nationwide jingle.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some expert advice on New York City dating etiquette and get some pointers on what NOT to do?

A lot of women in New York start to compromise what they really want in a man just to have a dating life.

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