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Their job was essential to the sustenance of their families, clans and homesteads.

Ceramics has been regarded as a man’s art in many cultures; men produced most of the pottery in China, Japan, Korea, Greece and Rome.

It has been the assumption of the modern world that work that dealt with great physical strength and technical expertise was solely man’s work.

Ceramics is one of those fields that commands the integration of strength, technical mastery and artistic imagination.

In this frozen tundra there existed a green oasis, void of ice.

A clan lived there with a female shaman that produced kiln fired ceramic sculptures that we now call the Venus Figurines.

But there she was, breathing in the cool night, listening to the sounds of air being forced through a flue and concentrating on the day's work....... She was the beginning of women’s illustrious endeavor in clay.Women have always been capable of producing high quality ceramic work; many cultures existed where women solely produced elegantly coiled pottery while men took care of the homestead.

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