Dating service marketing graphs

03-Nov-2015 23:42

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Growth in the online dating industry, driven by an increase in mobile Internet access for both shopping and socialising, shows no sign of slowing down.To take just one metric, market research company Mintel estimates that the market will be worth £225m by 2019 in the UK alone.They do this by putting user profiles, preferences, interactions and connections at the centre of the system’s algorithms.That means the most compatible candidates are quickly tagged without having to scroll through thousands of potential profiles.

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Their secret is to make what you get highly customised and personalised.Dating websites aren’t the only ones using this powerful technology, by the way; it is also at the epicentre of what made online giants such as Google and Linked In grow so quickly.As a sort of official mark of online dating’s going mainstream, the government stats body, the National Office of Statistics, now includes subscription to such a service in its on-going ‘shopping basket’ to calculate national monthly inflation.The online dating proposition is successful – but also very simple.

A look under the bonnet All online dating services are underpinned by data, with the most accurate matchmaking sites are managing and organising that data using a special back-end technology called a ‘graph database’.Graph databases differ from relational databases – which supply the majority of business databases – in that they specialise in identifying relationships between multiple data points.