Dating show hosted by chuck woolery

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More often than not, the choices disagreed, but that didn't matter to couples who were a perfect match.

Otherwise, the bachelor(ette) could decide to date the audience's choice at the show's expense, select the third potential date though a seldom-used option, or remain searching on their own. On occasion, the bachelor(ette) would have the audience decide whom they would go out with, and the contestant would report back on a future episode.

The date, whom the contestant is seeing for the first time since their night out, is introduced then appears on-screen via backstage hookup. Woolery asks questions about what happened on their date.

Sometimes, the two really hit it off ,and the two could not wait to see each other again.

Woolery would invite the date onstage to reunite with the bachelor(ette).

Other times, they simply had no chemistry or the date came straight from Hell thanks to personality clashes or one or both of the daters acting like jerks; in other words, the two were not right for each other.

Woolery presided over thousands of date recaps during Love Connection's original 11-year run in syndication.

Video dating clubs - where a bachelor or bachelorette completed a personality profile and then screened potential dates based on their answers - had grown in popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s."Love Connection" was the first relationship / dating show to successfully bring video dating to TV.