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27-Nov-2015 23:30

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You need to be seen as a real person in her mind rather than some goofball dancing around.

Usually it’s best when she indicates to you that she really likes you, then you can state that you like her, instead of the other way around.

Women are told by society and the media that they should respond to a certain type of men with specific physical attributes that we covered earlier and a particular personality.

The purpose of a tease is to reduce the intensity of your interest in her.

Pushing forward a little and then pulling back is a great way to tease a woman. Too bad it won’t work out between us.” You can say that after she says something that really inspires you.

For example, you can say something like “Now I realized you have a really good personality. I’m glad we’re conversing.” It’s very important to show your interest in her after qualifying her and demonstrating your status.

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Your role is to lead her in the direction you want.If she chooses not to follow it’s her loss, so move on without bitterness.After you state your interest in her, you tease her to make her wonder if you’re serious or not. Or “You seem very intelligent, though your first impression was kinda iffy.” Be careful not to overdo it.Your goal is to make a solid connection with her, so know when to shift gears and get real, after you’ve demonstrated that you’re the prize.

Most guys logically think that by telling a woman how they really feel about her, then she will reciprocate her feelings in return. Being a leader means going for what you want without making any excuses for it.

Being vulnerable without depending on a desired outcome.

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