Dating site loveaccess com

08-Jan-2016 12:56

It indexes the complete text of all profiles daily, but only displays profiles that feature photos.

Curt Degenhart, a Lycos senior product manager explained the the company's logic behind opening the new engine.

Rob Barbour has found a new way of enhancing his reputation online: showcasing his newly verified identity. listing a few weeks ago, the Ashburn, Va., technology consultant embedded a link to his new online profile on verification service Trufina Inc.

An advanced search option allows for even more search criteria including information like career type, whether children are desired and what types of hobbies and interests people have.

Different searches can be saved to a personal profile so that the searcher can quickly scan the index for new matches based on previous criteria.

Once users locate profiles of potential mates, the site also allows them to save their favorite profiles for easy access the next time they visit.

When searchers select a profile, they will be sent the dating site that features that listing.

"We did research last year and it revealed that [online] dating customers want a robust and efficient way for searching for dates online." Lycos plans to profit from the new dating search engine by selling ad space along side the profile listings and by charging partner sites fees to list index and list their databases.

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