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14-Nov-2014 15:59

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You should seriously think about getting an IUD before then. Read more Yesterday the United States elected a racist, hateful, fear mongering bigot for president. But unfortunately, we don't have much time to collect ourselves. His positions on the environment alone could literally destroy the world. Read more Last night, I expected to see Hillary Clinton shatter the ultimate glass ceiling and become the first female president of the United States.Trump's hateful rhetoric is already being carried out by his supporters — there are reports of the KKK openly celebrating in North Carolina this morning, and swastikas filled the chat box on the livestream of Hillary Clinton's concession speech. To describe his understanding of international politics and the responsibility that it comes with as ignorant and childlike would be kind. Instead, I watched in horror as swing state after swing state went to Trump — including my home state of Michigan, which has not gone Republican in my lifetime. I hope you're as excited to stick it to Tr--ahem, vote, as I am!The fear is palpable on social media from people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ+… After John Podesta said that Hillary would not be speaking that night, I left the dog-friendly Bushwick bar with vegan pizza and election-themed cocktails and got in an Uber Pool. As you cast your ballot today, take a second to remember the women who fought to make that possible.These vintage photos will remind you of how hard women have fought for a voice in American democracy.Read more Today many millions of Americans are wondering how the hell Donald Trump won the election.As a woman, having someone like Trump is honestly my worst nightmare and throughout the chaos of last night that resulted in the defeat of Hillary Clinton—I was left wondering who let this happen for women and America?

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According to these polls, 53% of white women voted for Donald…Alice Paul (far right) and other members of the National Women's Party picket the 1920 Republican National Convention. Anthony was arrested and tried for illegal voting after participating in the 1872 presidential…