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15-Aug-2015 13:50

By adding tangible ‘value’ to a customer, one truck turned into three and one vessel into a dive operation. They knew they had something special to offer customers that would improve their lives.

This led to the referral of more customers and so on.

In service industries, the loss of a client or prospect conversion can drive even the best adviser or consultant to consider what they did wrong rather than appraise engaged clients, ask what they enjoy about the relationship and apply this positive attitude across all clients and prospects.

Threats are not learning from mistakes or competitors with positive attitudes, confidence and ability.

The opportunities are to achieve these qualities and more. But family businesses are also about passing on a legacy.

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Many successful family businesses have combined hard work and courage with being in the right place at the right time with the right idea.Many started with a gut feel, no business plan and just enough money to buy that first truck or dive vessel.