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Colleen’s connection with the community extends to fund raising for the Pink Ribbon Cancer Breakfast, an annual event at her home.Colleen’s high energy and infectious personality is instantly endearing, while her experience brings measurable added value for clients.When a love one passes away it is a difficult and confusing time.They have 3 sons all in the property business as builders and a landscape architect.Their daughter Annie is in her final school year, she has a serious bent for all things food, now teaching 5-12 year olds cooking in association with Nosh.

Time out for Colleen includes gathering the family at the classic Strachan designed “Kiwi Bach” in Mangawhai and occasionally, jaunting to warmer climates.

An avid netballer and all round kiwi sports advocate, she can often be seen on the side-lines of local sports events.

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Married to highly respected Architect husband Dave, they have lived in Mt Eden raising their 4 children at the local schools.

After 35 years in the area they are now empty nesters, building a new home appropriate for the next season of their lives – on Mt Eden Road.