Dating sites for gay men

16-Feb-2016 19:09

After countless “likes” and “flirts,” our first “conversation” was actually an ongoing series of text messages that lasted from about noon until 1am!

While chatting about our favorite TV shows, foods and other superficial topics, we discovered that each of us shared an interest in food and wine, politics, and Jewish culture.

You might find a fellow night owl in the City that Never Sleeps through Jewish singles New York.

JDate’s mission is to bring together single Jewish men and Jewish women who share similar beliefs and lifestyles.

Your JDate profile highlights all that’s important and unique to you so that you’ll find someone with the same goals and dreams.

There’s nothing like meeting a match who truly gets you!

We found out that sports were integral parts of our family and home life.

There’s no time like the present to meet your Jewish match.When you register today at and create your quick and easy profile, a whole new world of gay Jewish men will welcome you - right away. “Not in a million years would I have thought that JDate would work for me!That’s how Jewish customs and traditions are passed down through generations, which is the key to continuing to grow the Jewish community.Our easy and fun profile creation process is what makes us more than just a matchmaking site.

Of course, I had known from some of my friends that JDate works, but I never heard of JDate working for members of the LGBTQ community.”And then I met Matthew.

Our profiles matched up and we began talking to each other.