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They are an integral part of your work and the process of referencing will help you to develop your ideas. At points in your writing you insert a reference tells the reader where to refer in order to find the quotation in the book or other publication that it was taken from.

A reference at the end of a passage (such as a paragraph) of your own writing may tell the reader the book or other You must always reference quotations, but just referencing quotations is not enough.

In some academic writing it is particularly important to reference the sources of information.

An article on the population of an area, for example, would need referencing to the sources of its statistics.

An article on the history of an area would need references to the written (or other) evidence for the events it described. Referencing should enable the reader to consult the source referred to.

Your understanding of a play, a philosopher or a theorist, should be supported by references to the text of the play or the theorist.Your assessment of the case for and against an issue should be referenced to the appropriate evidence.