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23-Apr-2015 10:36

In its place, the Peacock Network will air episodes of began gearing up for its big election episode that night, and we have a feeling it's really going to hit home for everyone.

Video: Watch Hillary's Heartbreakingly Powerful Concession Speech This season of the Comedy Central show has been staying up-to-date with the current social issues rocking our country, including the upsetting presidential battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — or, in 's world, Hillary Clinton and Mr. Well, after half the nation decided to vote the bigoted GOP nominee into our country's highest political office, creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone concocted a timely new episode, aptly titled Angela Kardashian will give birth to her second child VERY SOON!

However, according to sources, Angelina Jolie is NOT satisfied with the outcome, especially with how it affects her goal of getting primary physical custody.

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But then, that new airdate conflicted with Game 7 of the World Series, so the network delayed it once more.

When asked for a statement, Jolie's rep gave a diplomatic response that suggested the two are all fine and dandy.A spokesperson said: We're beginning to wonder if this episode will ever air…

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