Dating the reign of solomon

24-Sep-2016 02:30

Below, we have explained how we arrived at the date of the Exodus, which was more difficult to ascertain.

Between Joseph's death and Moses' birth, we have a void of information- we cannot determine the exact number of years between these two events unless we find another point of reference to work from.

To say he ruled from 971 to 931 is incorrect, even though you are adding 40 years to his last year of reign, 970.

We highly recommend this book for a full explanation.

In order to arrive at the date of the Exodus, we took this date of 586 BC and added to it the years of the kings of Judah after Solomon. (586 + 345 = 931) This brings us to the last year of Solomon's reign, 931 BC.

We spent a great deal of time and research on this chronology and do not claim it to be perfect.

We have taken into consideration the dates arrived at by scholars, such as Thiele; we have taken into account the 3 year error in our present calendar- see article in this newsletter.

There one Biblical date which we believe to be absolutely confirmed- one which gives us a firm basis on which to work backwards from.This is the destruction date of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC. Thiele, in his book "THE MYSTERIOUS NUMBERS OF THE HEBREW KINGS" gives a most thorough evidence of the accuracy of this date by Babylonian records which can be astronomically verified.