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It made me laugh out loud and almost cry but very in depth and fantastically useful for my many years ahead.Many thanks”Amrit Nov 09“Those wonderful readers helped me tremendously to get through a very difficult and challenging time – a time when lots of changes come around me – they helped me to understand my own psychic abilities and spiritual path I am starting.It relates Native American power animals to your astrological chart and, although quite complex, is perfect for those who feel a connection to the Native American tradition.Every animal power represents several of the Star Clans; that is why all over the world there are different symbolic images of the subdivisions of the seasonal circle of the sky.I want to include all sorts of cultural wisdom and reports and so sourced this Native American chart.This is a traditional Native American astrology program by Randall Cole Roffe, for natal charts; based on the Kvniakati Tsulawi Medicine Wheel tradition of the Southern Shawnee and Cherokee.Those extraordinary people knew exactly what was been going on in my life, my relationship and within me – I do recommend them – their insights are beyond all measures – and they all together helped me to see my matter from many different perspectives but with a common background.

simply select the type of chart or report you want to look at for yourself or someone else to view the details of it.Alternatively, if you are looking to purchase several, it might be worth looking at our packages which give you several reports free included in the price.“I bought an astrology report from your site and it is absolutely fabulous.