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10-Apr-2016 11:26

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Nothing has turned into a long-term relationship quite yet, but she reports that it has yielded far more second, third, and fourth dates than casually hooking up ever produced.

This way I have time to evaluate how many times I see him or how many times he calls me to figure out what his feelings toward me are.

I can also judge my own feelings so I don't act impulsively."Since establishing this rule Bishop has hooked up with considerably less guys.

After a serious, two-year relationship she was ready to re-enter the dating scene.

"You know how some people with strict parents go crazy when they finally have the freedom of college?

Ask someone if they know anyone who's given up on hooking up and they'll say, "what do you mean?!

"As a generation of 20-somethings (some in their teens and 30s...), we've come to famously mark the start of a relationship—whether it moves beyond that or not—with a sexual act—a "hook-up." Sometimes that means actual sex, but everyone's definition is different ("I define hooking up as beyond kissing.

But after a year back in the ring, Bishop realized what she really wanted was another committed relationship.

That's when the discomfort over the number of partners she was "racking up" set in.

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