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In the main story, JP roped Josie, Kingsley (Joe Thomas) and Vod into taking part in a drugs trial, in a circuitous attempt to win back Sam (Hannah Britland).

It didn't work, but the phoneless quarantine of the clinic acted like a country-house setting in a whodunit, forcing characters to get on each other's nerves and confront what was bothering them.

To justify this pilfering, she explained that her own upbringing hadn't given her any material.

"There's little drama in your parents staying together and collecting wine," she complained.

A lesson many medical students would do well to heed.

Away from the anxious pill-poppers, Oregon (Charlotte Ritchie) had written a play that drew heavily on the gang's real lives.

The first two episodes of this series of Fresh Meat worried me.

Responding to Jack Whitehall's excellence as braying old Stoic JP, the writers seemed to be shaping the script around him.