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25-Sep-2016 10:54

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This brief video clearly and visually demonstrates the exact point at which a phone conversation crosses the line and becomes inappropriate and verbally abusive.

This brief video follows a teen girl through her day as a boy (shown in each scene dressed up as a giant cellphone) sends her countless texts, the final text telling her to send him some nude pictures.

A statistic on the site states that 1 in 4 teens are harassed in some way via their cellphone and texting.

It documents common traits of abusers while giving practical advice, such as clearing the history on a computer after searching for help and taking precautions in case a restraining order is violated, which happens often.

This video would be great for all clients, especially female, and practitioners working with women who may or may not be victims of abuse (the video presumes secrecy).

This video is available on How, a website that provides videos on a range of “How to” topics under the “Relationship Survival Guide” category. v=Exf4Xi7KW84 This video helps women recognize what is and is not abusive in relationships.

This information would be helpful for clients and for the clinicians who work with them.

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