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15-Sep-2016 03:12

What do you remember more: the song or the product placement?As a result of their partnership, Carey agreed to do a product placement in her video (and even created a real profile to promote the video), but instead of a mere appearance like the million times we’ve spotted a Beats Pill Speaker, dating websites have curbed music videos to their advantage. Yes, Carey is seen performing and embracing fans in other shots, but the main driving plot behind becomes Carey’s search for a new man with the help of In place of stock footage of couples strolling on the beach and meeting up for coffee, dating sites like and Tinder have upped their commercial game and are aiming for more famous faces to represent their brand, thus the new hybrid of music video slash dating site ad.Another example, and even more blatant ad opportunity, was Hilary Duff’s latest offering for her comeback single, .music video] And there’s even a common thread in many of these artists that these dating sites and apps are targeting: single artists who have a well-known romantic history in the tabloids.Hilary Duff’s breakup with Mike Comrie was well documented by tabloids, as was Jason Derulo’s breakup with Jordin Sparks, and Mariah Carey’s divorce from Nick Cannon.and in it, she uses the popular dating site to look for a new beau.Possible suitors included supermodel Tyson Beckford and Empire star Jussie Smollett and while the winner appeared to be the cute little puppy Carey takes from Smollett, the real winner here is actually

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The original version, released last month, was met with a lot of criticism for its focus on selling the dating app Tinder instead of, oh I don’t know, selling the music?

TIME gave the most straight-up headline of them all: “Hilary Duff’s Music Video For ‘Sparks’ Is Basically A Tinder Ad” Duff’s video was interspersed with testimonial-like footage of Duff hanging out with friends, chatting about searching for romantic connections and finding that “spark” (we see what you did there) and how Tinder is helping the newly-single Duff get back into the dating game.