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/ Give them the peace of Edinburgh, Lord, / And let its light shine upon them./ From Stirling's gate of sadness, / Lord, bring forth their souls and bodies. / Lord, hear my prayer, / And let my cry come to Thee. / God, who deigns to free the just and the humble of heart from their tribulations, release Thy servants dwelling in the town of Stirling from all its pain and sorrows, and bring them joyfully to the bliss of Edinburgh. 14 For the good things in life, wherever you get them 15 Hail, sovereign lord, your balls hang out through your breeches 16 Lean, impotent lay-about, louse-ridden in groin and loin 17 Useless coward, no one accounts you [to be worth] a piece of cress 18 Lines 221-22: Then old women cry, "Keep your kerchiefs (finery) hidden (in the dark) - / Our gallows gape (i.e., are empty) - lo, where an ill-favored loser lurks (goes)!/ He thinks I yearn eagerly for young folk, since he is senile 40 I think the delay dearly bought, so feeble are his works 41 He has a body without strength and appearance without energy 42 And how it suits him so widely to boast of such matters 43 To such a coward without desire who possessed my splendid beauty 44 She should not flinch at his stroke a straw's breadth of earth 45 Laughing loudly the others commended her greatly 46 They quaffed the sweet wine, those swan-white ladies 47 If you do not wish to be abandoned to faithless deceivers 48 Lines 275-77: Well could I scratch his crooked back and comb his cropped head, / And with puffed out cheeks make a face at him from behind, / And with a look of respect turn about and blear his old eye 49 Lines 298-99: But we were not equals in friendship nor in descent, / Nor generosity nor conduct, nor personal beauty 50 That lower-class person was never of such worth as to presume ever 51 He dared not once disregard my summons, for before a second command 52 If not for the injury to my reputation and the people's disapproval 53 Lines 346-47: That my anger nearly erupted before the contract was established./ But when my legal documents and formal reproaches were all fully sealed 54 Until after the death of that drooper who was useless in bed 55 When he a whole year was curbed and needed sexual passion 56 As if with man's sexual dealings I were done for the rest of my life 57 Lines 429-30: To see what man is best brawned or broadest in shoulders / Or forged is most strongly to provide a [sexual] banquet 58 We present ourselves in such a way as to deceive men of the truth 59 I am so piteous to the poor when there are many people 60 And many glance inside who sit far on the outside Abbreviations Ar: Arundel MS As: Asloan MS B: Bannatyne MS BD: Bannatyne Draft MS Bw: Bawcutt, theme, the voices of all Creation blend together in celebration of this most special occasion, Christ's Nativity.Seven 8-line stanzas rhyming , the refrain in Latin. 3-7 Here the birth of Christ is treated as if a new sun has arisen, a daystar so bright that no clouds can hide it and not even the old sun, Phoebus Apollo, can rival it.

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1 Of lechery, gluttony, with sloth always to be overcome 2 Friends, prosperity, here peace, then Heaven's bliss 3 Lines 71-72: Where burning souls / Are always crying, Woe Woe!4 "With the holy, holy you shall be" (Psalm in the Vulgate) 5 to show mercy to the downtrodden 6 While the most valuable effects they grab for themselves 7 Some with a large number [of churches] play dice 8 Lines 65-66: It might by this [time], had it been [according to] the natural order of things, / Coming out of (all the way from) the deserts of India 9 That I should be a Yuletide nag (i.e., a horse put out to pasture/a "holiday" horse too old to work) 10 I was anxious until a certain lord (the Lord Treasurer) came home 11 Such strikings and strugglings were on [the] stair 12 Lines 9-10: For to have ridden away would have been less humiliating / Than to have allowed their wives to have been infected with the pox 13 Lines 103-18: And do not lead us into the temptation of Stirling, / But deliver us from its evil.

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