Dating while living with roommates

04-Aug-2016 23:39

It’s an irrational fear that I know many people share.

You both come home from work late and are exhausted and just want to eat takeout and watch a movie? You don’t feel like getting out of bed until 4 PM on Saturday? You need to spend a Sunday morning tuning up your bicycles? Living together actually frees up my social calendar, too.

I see my other friends more, because I get to see my boyfriend in all the overlapping little free spaces we have in our busy lives. But now, we get unexpected time together all the time.

So it’s not such a big deal if I go out with friends and get home late or go away for a weekend. When I lived alone, my place was too small and uninviting for people to come over.

Sometimes I think we might as well be married — we act like it.

When I lived alone, if a chair or something broke, I’d think, “Oh well, guess I guess I’ll never have one of those anymore!” Then I moved in with my boyfriend and he’d be like “You know, we can fix that.” And I’d say, “.

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