Dating your high school sweetheart college

17-Oct-2015 11:32

y boyfriend Nick and I met when we were in high school, but we didn’t start dating officially until college.Part of the reason for that was my extreme resistance to the idea of being labeled “high school sweethearts.” I knew I loved Nick within a few weeks of first meeting him, but the idea of our relationship falling under the HSS label was mortifying to me, especially coming from a small town where HSS marriages were something of a way of life. Whenever I tell people Nick and I have been together for nine years, they ask how old I am, they do the mental math, and then a goofy grin comes over their face as they start clapping and chanting, “High school sweethearts! ” Obviously I have no regrets about sticking with Nick — I mean, I met the guy of my dreams early in life, how lucky am I?So, when you're near someone (like Monday-Friday 8 a.m.til 3 p.m.) you might become more and more attracted to them eventually leading to your first, or first of few high school relationships.

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If you're dating someone in high school and you really think it's going to work then good for you, I genuinely hope it does. Realize that there are younger, possibly equally attractive, people out there.But, take a moment to think about what life is like outside of your hometown. If you still want to be with the same person after you meet a smarter, better looking, funnier version of them, you might be obsessed with your high school bf/gf.