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Should that officer have been called to come get involved? Again, our youth arbitration program is designed to keep these young people from having a criminal record. We want them to be able to get scholarships and be successful and go to school.And the results of that will determine his employment here. Within the next 24 hours, I will have the results of our internal investigation, and at that point, I’ll make my decision on whether the deputy will continue to be employed here or not. On what role race played in the arrest: I don’t know.When asked if Fields should have even been in the room: As far as the officer being there, I have some concerns about that, too. It’s difficult to say that, and I guess in one way I make that decision is based on personal knowledge about this deputy.

On South Carolina’s “disturbing schools” law: Unfortunately, our legislature passed a law that’s called "disturbing schools." If a student disturbs schools—and that’s a wide range of activities, disturbing schools—they can be arrested. That law allows for too much leeway on the eyes of the beholder, I think, when it comes to the teacher or maybe to the administrator. It really doesn’t matter to me if that child had been purple.Our goal has always been, let’s see what we can do without arresting the kids. A phone goes off—if that teacher determines that that phone is disrupting the class and other students can’t learn, she can have that student arrested for it. And again, our goal as the school resource officers is to make sure that we don’t criminalize these kids, that we keep them out of the criminal justice system. It actually shows the student hitting the school resource officer with her fists and striking. What I'm looking at is what our school resource officer did. It’s what his actions are and that’s what we’re concerned about.I think sometimes our officers are put in very difficult positions. Even though she refused to abide by the directions of the teacher, school administrator, and then also the verbal commands of our deputy, I’m looking at what our deputy did. We hope [the school district takes] care of what that student did. He’s been dating an African-American female for quite some time now.When a teacher can’t control a student, is that our responsibility to go in there and remove that student, or is that the responsibility of the teacher or the school administration to do that? So does that have a bearing on his thought process? But I would think that would have it on [sic] a positive way, and not on [sic] a negative way. There’s been no any indication of that, he’s never expressed that in the past, we’ve never seen that.

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It has nothing to do with any criminal wrongdoings at all. If she had not disrupted the school and disrupted the class, we would not be standing here today. So, yes, legally, could he put his hands on her and remove her from that classroom? Once he placed her under arrest, then his responsibility at that point is to complete the arrest and remove her from the classroom.

We’re looking at: did the officer act properly, did he act in relationship to the training that we provide? That’s what internal affairs’ investigation is doing. The timetable on the internal investigation—[it] should be finishing within probably the next 24 hours. But does [sic] her actions meet the level of what this officer did? So it started with her and it ended with my officer. On whether or not officers can use force on students: Once she was [sic] placed under arrest and she has either passive or active resistance, the officer has certain levels of force he can use. That starts from just verbal commands all the way up to lethal force. Now, again, what’s in question is how he accomplished that.

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