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On the other hand, he might be anxious about losing time with you.

As he expresses his hopes, concerns and fears, help him see the situation clearly.

If you are dating someone that is becoming important, it might be time to introduce him to your child.

It is important to explain that not every dating relationship will end in marriage.

It's essential to assess the situation and not rush introducing your child to a new dating partner.

You don't need to introduce your child to every person that you date, according to Healthy, a website of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages single parents to prepare a partner to meet a child.

Before you introduce your child to someone new that you're dating, keep in mind how your child is reacting to the divorce.

Also remember that there's always the risk that the new relationship won’t work out -- and that it can complicate breaking up with a new partner if your child begins to form a bond with that person.

Reassure your child that he belongs to a family whether you marry again not.