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17-May-2016 07:49

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Your partners won’t always get along, and may even hate one another without ever meeting.Over the years, you may experience the really not-so great metamours, the ones who stalk you at work and harass you day and night, who assault and bully you. Conspire about what shirt to buy your shared partner, and collaborate on birthday surprises?I enjoy not just meeting my partners’ other partners, I also desire to form friendships with them and have an enthusiastically positive relationship with them.And that kind of friendship can’t be forced, or feel obligated, it’s something I desire to be authentic.

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You might have metamours who end up (directly or indirectly) hurting you- even in ways that have nothing to do with your partner- and that pain may still be felt long after the relationship you shared is done (been there, done that).

You might have partners who refuse or are resistant to meeting your other partners, their own metamours.