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03-Feb-2015 15:57

Late thirties to mid forty-something’s have the sex drive of teenage boys.

Elevated testosterone levels have earned them the well deserved moniker of “cougar”; sexual predators who feel the need to feed on young, tight, man flesh. Liberation from family responsibilities, financial independence, and a biological clock that is no longer ticking, leaves her free and full of energy to fulfill her sexual appetite.

You may be the lucky “cub” to catch one of these cougars and find out what all the talk is about!

Now, when we say older we don’t mean that she simply has a few years on you.

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No matter what place she says, say, 'Wow, I've always wanted to visit your country/city, etc…do you have email? When you're standing on the platform, do NOT look at her The most important thing is that she doesn't think you're a creep.Robinson says that if you appear to be too interested, she will just think you're another guy with an agenda. Don't ask her out during rush hour Robinson says that rush hour is the worst time to talk to women because they are at the height of emotional annoyance, and "ready to slug you if you say the wrong thing." 5.