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31-Jan-2016 10:40

Blamed our dads for not being there enough, our moms for not setting a good example, our first boyfriends for dumping us, and our ex-husbands for betraying us. You are a grown adult, it’s time to accept full responsibility for your life.

It’s more likely that the blame itself is holding you back rather than the memories.

When you catch yourself saying these words don’t beat yourself up - just take note and then drop it. Write a letter but don’t send it Tell the person you blame what’s in your heart. Take this time to let it all out in the words on the paper and then when you’re ready, move towards letting it go.

If you do forgive someone, you are not confirming that what they did was okay. Send some love to the situation Send love to this person whenever you think of him/her.

If you can’t send love to the person, send love to the situation.

Using these techniques we can tap out resistance that has been holding us back and then tap in positive feelings and expectations. EFT was discovered by Gary Craig in the mid-nineties and is now being used by millions of people around the world with amazing results.

I know this is difficult, but asking yourself these questions will help: Write your affirmation down on a post-it and put it on your bathroom mirror, in your car, in your pocket - wherever you are likely to see it - and say it out loud, with passion whenever you see it. Tap on it using EFTIf you were to believe that you could let go of the blame and move onto a wonderful love life by jumping up and down on one leg while patting your head and barking like a dog, would you do it?This tool will help you with that and you won't need to feel quite so silly doing it - well, perhaps a little at first.

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