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01-Jan-2016 00:08

If he had included other photos of himself I would totally believe it's him. The point I'm trying to make is that anyone can make a profile anywhere on the net.

But the fact that this is the only photo made available seems a little suspicious. Anyone includes this soldier, but there is no proof, and I'm not sending Yahoo money just to send an email to the guy when it'll probably never get answered anyway.

Maybe this really is him, but based on what's there, it's impossible to be sure. I would have to guess that it is fake, but will we ever find out? I've never much liked Hillary Clinton, but I must admit, she's very brave to get that close to an American soldier.

After all, it's not like people never fake personals. If you hated Hillary so much that you had to cross your fingers when forced to shake her hand, why would you put that photo and only that photo on a web profile for a dating personal service? She's lucky she wasn't raped, tortured, beaten, and shot.

In a lot of these, the grinning or somewhat happy servicemen are giving the 'digitus impudicus' sign with their hands: This is basically a natural hand pose but with the middle digit raised, like an "accidental" flipping of the bird.

If this is true, then a long-standing tradition continues. Being in Iraq (Baghdad Internation Airport)during that same period in time that the picture is reported to have been taken, I can tell you 100% that they are not there (Iraq).

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A caption accompanying the photo explains that the soldier was crossing his fingers to signal that he was coerced to shake hands with her. There's no name on it, nor any very specific information.

This would not be the first time that US military personnel have used photo-ops to be cheeky.

Many American GIs in World War 2 were posed into "We are being well-treated" pictures for German propganda newspapers.

His profile says he's in Clear Lake City, TX, which is about five miles from me.

Today Snopes updated this listing to include a link to a Yahoo Personals Page apparently created by the guy in the picture in which he states that he's no fan of Hillary Clinton. And the picture displayed on the page is the very same picture that's spread all over the internet.

Snopes notes that this confirms what the caption says about why he was crossing his fingers. Didn't the guy have an original, better-quality version of it?