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07-Aug-2015 04:37

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Greeting a woman look into her eyes, it will show her that you are honest and open.

If you are lucky enough to schedule the first date, take an effort to get ready for it. remember they like to dress smartly and would prefet to see beside a tidy and elegant man.

From the very beginning you have to realize that is different.

And to turn the romance into long-term relations and probably a marriage, yo have to follow few dating Russian girl advicesthat will help you build serious relationship with a beautiful and clever Russian woman.

Don’t shake her hand too long and too firmly (you don't plan to break her tender fingers!

), but make a handshake firm enough to demonstrate your self-assuarance.

Dress up according to the place you are taking her.

Take your lady to a nice and quite place where you can talk easily and learn more about each other. Selecting the place for the first date, express your creative mind and keep in mind her interests. Russian women like to be courted, so show her your romantic interest. In western countries the notorious equality between men and women has resulted in neglecting of chivalry.

Dating , remember about a proper greeting of a girl.Usually men shake hands with women when they meet each other for the first time, not kiss each other even on the cheek.