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21-Jul-2016 12:51

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Playboy magazine wanted to interview and photograph me.

In addition to amazing pictures, Playboy is known for their articles. He had a brilliant idea, why not add provocative images and evocative text?

Aloha Dignity Daters, and welcome to the final day of the “Meet Your Man 2013 Challenge – 3 Steps to Tell the Difference Between a Player and the Guy Who is Looking for Love!

I like to foster and hone creative ideas, not start fires or placate victims. I understand that Bethenny and Jill are both upset about their friendship, but it's their friendship. I will continue to be polite to Bethenny until she proves me wrong.

And I will continue to be friends Jill until she proves me wrong.

I had to endure her press smackdown all last year, and it seriously affected my reputation and my children.

I will never forgive or forget what she did to defame my reputation or hurt my children. I needed to clear up the "I'm up here" statement I made last year for the viewers, because it was clearly misinterpreted.

I barely gave him any information because I was so charmed by him, and honestly more interested in him than in the questions he was asking me. I have a lot of male friends, but I had also been in a relationship since my mid twenties through my thirties, so I am not very proficient in the world of dating, and I am definitely not dating savvy.

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A lot of times when I am around Bethenny I feel like Crystal Carrington. She needs drama to stay alive on the show, starts fires, and then becomes the victim. I have been trying to make an effort with all of these women. I was not only flattered to be photographed for Playboy, but I was even more flattered to have an article written, which sometimes ensures that the story will run and may be the feature.I met the writer at the restaurant Cafe Select and was shocked at how handsome he was.

Regardless, I would rather not be bulletproof and welcome every moment. I have two beautiful girls who deserve an amazing man in their life. Ally's photo shoot for Seventeen Magazine was so much fun. I started ELLE Accessories and judged the work of students graduating from the PARSONS School of Design many times with Tim Gunn.I am looking for someone who wants to share and celebrate the life I have worked so hard to build. I was so flattered that Jill invited me to come and watch Ally model. Jill is an amazing mother and she is so excited for Ally. I admire young designers for their creativity and confidence to do what they love. None of us wanted to give it oxygen, because Bethenny is infamous for putting herself in the press and giving slanderous articles to gossip reporters.

The platforms I used were Ok Cupid and Bumble, so you will have to translate to your favorite online dating platform.… continue reading »

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He told [satirist Stephen] Colbert that he had recently written a letter to Pope Francis...steers clear of e-mail for fear of being monitored by the National Security Agency.… continue reading »

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