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friends to Indonesian upon arrival have somebody to walking in the city,sex is not important..for the relationship.amigos de Indonesia a la llegada de tener a alguien para caminar en la ciudad,el sexo no es importante..para la relación.

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. Again it would be desirable to continue the story about me!! I speak these words with special care and respect for you. Let it will not be told loudly, but it is valid so!!

I the designer of furniture but as I already spoke you this work have not developed and now I work as the seller. And I can tell with confidence, that I love the work. At me 10 hour working day in shop, and the by turns watch in for consultation on sale of the goods. And I have two target days in week, but, unfortunately, the days off not successively. Earlier when I studied at university, I did not think, that my work so is important and complex. But most of all I am am involved with the European kitchen and traditional Russian. But the example with my close girlfriend has proved to me, that it very much even is possible. After destruction of the husband I had attempts of acquaintance to men, but all of them quickly came to an end! In the childhood I dreamed of the senior brother or about the little sister. At me the life, and at it probably, the where there is no place for us with mum! It much is buried very terribly and is sad, but it is a life. To learn it is more about your life, work, family and other. I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn about my hobbies, tastes and preferences, how I spend a free time. I have about 25 kinds of ancient books in firm reliure, they are very dear to me. Russia very beautiful, greater, but now during such heavy period for it, to people to have not easily. The love visits us secretly when we at all do not wait for it. And it seems to me people simply allow me to communicate to you!! I wish to tell to you, that my neigbour Irina sends the regards to you!!!

I thought that if I shall receive higher education I can live and refuse to myself in what, but all has developed differently. And here now I am glad that I again can to write to you!! And I am glad that I have an opportunity will get acquainted with you!! Only in it it is possible to try all various tastes. I have decided to take advantage of it as my girlfriend has told, that all this is real, and it is possible to find to itself the present good and fair husband. I very much would like to get acquainted with good and clever the man which could understand me. And it is more to tell about itself, about my city and about my life. As in the country some years there is an economic crisis, many inhabitants have faced a problem of unemployment. I do not love, when men drink alcohol much and cannot throw this bad habit. But parents have deprived with me such opportunity. me absolutely alone, and the husband at it any more was not, and there was no opportunity to get one more child. Grandmothers and grandfathers at us were not, they for a long time have died. And mum it was very heavy with me and if us to two more mum it was simple would be to not extend us. For me now the most close person is my best girlfriend, her name is Irina!! It it to me has helped to do all the most important steps in my life. It to me has imparted also love to work, and I as you know, too I work much. There very sacred and prayed for forgiveness place, there, so is interesting, roses even grow everywhere in the winter when the snow lays, they do not fade. It will be very interesting to me to know all answers to my questions. I shall be, is glad to everything, that you will want to tell to me. I collect a collection of ancient books in a greater degree of different utopian products. Sometimes I like to esteem and love novels, detectives or simply cognitive books. Writers, and favourite products it is a lot of poets also that there will be no whole day that all to recollect and tell to you. The girlfriend after conversation has told, that too very much wishes to find to itself the favourite person and to try to create with it family. Here so happens with me, with the ordinariest girl on the ground. It has asked me to tell to you that is very glad for us with you!! Though already for a long time should lay on streets greater heaps of a snow..

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The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers. My husband was lost in accident, and after its death my life has gone as that not so.. I could not believe in that that it is not present with me more! Spokeo is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL. On a horoscope I sagittarius and at me peaceful character. Owing to you, I again have felt happy and carefree! Than to be near to the favourite person and to care of it! You became a part me and my life, your letters help me to live.

The scammers are using their images without their knowledge or permission to deceive their victims and steal their money. In fact still recently when I wrote to you the first letter I did not know you will answer me or not.. Only I am literally one year ago has understood that the life has not stopped ? I have no bad habits - I do not smoke and I drink very seldom with friends! You though and are a little of me, but nevertheless have learned. They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere. I cannot judge about myself from, the most beautiful I the woman on light or not, but can precisely tell, that I the woman with a secret and a riddle. To Me 32 year, but I still feel young and attractive. Also I can tell, that I cannot speak and write in English. And I am am pleased with that every day all of us we learn about each other more. It is very good, when people understand and support each other. I like to tell to you about the life and about the interests and to learn more increasing about you. But now when I come to the Internet of cafe I simply I forget about it. It so is interesting for speaking with the person by means of the Internet and to learn various things. In fact between us of hundred thousand kilometers, and I can learn, that at you occurs. I feel, that, at last, I have met the man of my dream: strong, courageous, self-assured, decent and understanding! Your letters give me greater pleasure and pleasure in my lonely life! The public opinion in our country is still formulated on old stereotypes. I hope, that you never learn on what the loneliness is capable. Today I have the truncated working day, today we in shop have not enough people..

Disclaimer regarding pictures posted on the board: please understand that you are NOT looking at the pictures of people who are actually scamming you. but I just now was solved will get acquainted with the man again! In the 32 years, I have already finished institute, but now I work as the seller! Now I want, that you would tell to me about yourself. I as wish to know more in detail, where do you live. RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Hello my new friend xxx! And as one hero from my favourite film has told, that in 32 years the life only begins. I hope, that you understand, everything, that I write to you. If to you something is not clear, I with pleasure shall try to explain to you. It seems to Me, that you very vigorous and cheerful person. And because I understand all this, that my life became various!! I adore various thrillers and psychological dramas. And consequently I am am disturbed always with these questions. With each your new letter I feel, that we become is more close to each other. I very much would like to know your opinion in this occasion. That most of all it is pleasant to me, what even so I can feel you. And I very much hope, that our attitudes will not end only with electronic letters, that we shall be together and I hope that it happens soon! I wish to tell to you, that is very difficult to be one, especially, when all my girlfriends already have family, the husband, children. And if to the twenty years' girl its loneliness at more senior woman look with huge pity still says goodbye. I hope, that you never will feel this burning cold which so often visits people and extinguishes fire in their hearts. And in fact still recently there was any agiotage as if people wished to buy products for the whole month, and for a day I very strongly got tired, and today..

The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers. And for me it is difficulty, but I hope that you will help me with it!! Therefore I send you my photo, I think it will help you to make small representation about me! And consequently it is very important to me to hear from you the answer. As you already know to me 32 year, I live one in the small apartment! It will be very interesting to me to hear about you. You in turn can ask too to me questions, I with pleasure on them shall answer. So, that it is possible to tell that I still am very young and at me still in ahead. Already now dialogue with you delivers to me interest! I love things above which it is necessary to reflect. To me it is pleasant, that you speak with me about it. Though certainly anything it is impossible to tell about that distance that divides us. I am am disturbed for a long time with this question. Let you are far, but I feel you even on such huge distance, and it is pleasant to me. Everyone ask me, why I one why I can not find to myself the man. Speak, as to you has carried, you do not have family that is any cares. In fact people not at once understand, that I have simply lost the husband in accident... I want, that you were a number that supported and helped with everything that advised and listened, that I never was afraid to tell to you the most secret, the most important ? I almost do not feel weariness, though the reason probably in you..

I wish to collect again furniture to me it very much it was pleasant, it will be necessary for this purpose to me set of forces, more intellectual. But actually women much more strongly also are more hardy than many men, and furthermore in our country. It is very interesting to me to know about a place of your work. It is not so convenient, but I do not have other way. And my mum has brought up one me, and I am very grateful to it! For now I say goodbye to you and with impatience I wait for your letter!!! If in the street it is cloudy, I always feel lonely. Probably, I do not need to tell to you about existence of Russian vodka and about its pernicious force of influence on the person. But, unfortunately, such men at us in Russia remains very little. But it beautiful, you can read through enough information about Samara on the Internet! In target I too very much like to go with girlfriends to a sports hall and to be engaged. For the last some years here were spent various actions on cleanliness of native city. Recently even it became terrible to include the TV because news on the channel you look as any film of horrors. I hope, you will not force me to look forward to hearing long ? I Robert spoke you, that very important vital priorities for me it is my family and only long-term attitudes. It seems to me, that everyone differently understands and deciphers sense of this word. You have changed my lonely life, have made its unusual. On it I shall finish my love letter to you, my dear! In my soul was, any weight, I did not know, whether you will love me.. This question disturbed me, about one today when I, having come in the Internet of cafe, have read through your remarkable letter!! Each your word, each breath in your letter and simply I lose a head. As I would like to be near to you, to look in your eyes, to embrace and more nothing to see around of myself.

When to have to do without practically the man's help. On work I have access to a computer, but I can not use it in the personal purposes and furthermore to use the Internet. But in 2002 my mum is heavy was ill, it had a sick heart, and in 2003 it has died of a heart attack!! But all I do not wish to speak more to you about it because when I recollect it on my person there are tears! With the best regards yours Anastasiya from Russia! It is necessary to tell, that good and not drinking men in our country have remained, but them, unfortunately so a little. As I work with women very often I see female tears and fellow workers and the clients as they are offended by men. I consider, each woman is not dependent on age, should watch the figure! Every day acts of terrorism, falling of planes, murders and all in such spirit. xxx, please, write to me about itself as much as possible. It was very pleasant to Me to see again your letter in the mail box. Your letter has very much pleased me, it was pleasant to me to read through it. For me my family always will stand on the first place, and I hope, that mine the man will respect with me for it. I so am happy, that have found your letter in a mail box. To me still yesterday spoke, that the Internet of cafe will probably not work. My heart trembles with excitement because I think of you!! Everyone thinks that is some responsibility, and there are some duties which are necessary for executing, and it is the big duty of the favourite person. It is your house, this that place which is the most dear to you on light. For this reason I wish to have attitudes with you Robert. Probably, it is the most wonderful it is time in my life because the destiny has reduced me with you! But the only thing, that me frightens this distance between us. But I think, that together it will be easier to us to cope with it. My love Robert I wish to express huge feeling of gratitude, I wish to send you, even part my feeling of love! As I already spoke, I am ready on all and now I have solved, that the only thing of that I want is to connect the life with you. It is complex to me to think of essential things when I read your letters.

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