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10-Sep-2016 19:03

”, “I could never take a short guy seriously at work”, “N**** little man chose the wrong place to be a supervisor”.These account holders posting the original tweets ran the gamut of young adults to reputable professionals.Social Media and the Internet, the vast global consortium of networks utilized by billions of people serves as a smorgasbord of the conscience.It is place where many people post their random thoughts on subjects without any filter, sometimes anonymously.

Thus, we can use data mining and simple frequent observation to gauge popular and trending opinions.

During the summer of 2012, the Twitter account “Exposing Heightism” went viral.

It is extremely common to hear the ambitious ones comically dismissed as overcompensating Napoleons and to come across social media posts saying things such as “Why do short guys even exist? We have to ask ourselves how we got here and why this “height shaming” and animosity exists.

In a society that is increasingly moving towards making the criticism of women’s bodies a social faux pas, we wanted to take a look at just how pervasive social heightism has become for men.

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This account was packed with tweets from other users which contained visceral hateful comments about short guys.

The account picked up close to one hundred tweets a day with comments such, ‘Short men should be killed”, “Why do men under 6’ even exist?

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