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In another case, a woman with a Top Secret security clearance fell in love and married an Israeli citizen. If you’re concerned about what an ex might say about you in the course of your investigation, note that in your SF-86, along with character statements or supporting documentation.In one case presented before DOHA, a clearance applicant had married an undocumented Mexican woman. According to the court, “The risk of coercion, persuasion, or duress is significantly greater if the foreign country has an authoritarian government; a family member is associated with, or dependent on, the foreign government; or the country is known to conduct intelligence operations against the United States.” The Messy Divorce Are you concerned a vindictive ex-spouse may try to tank your security clearance? Divorce proceedings are stressful enough as it is, without having to factor in the potential loss of your livelihood.

Following the recent ban on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and subsequently the UFC, known TRT user Chael Sonnen spoke about the ramifications of the announcement on Wednesday's episode of UFC Tonight, as well as Vitor Belfort's decision to drop out of a middleweight title fight at UFC 173.

Here's the problem that I have: a fighter that said seven days ago, ‘I need TRT or I can't do this,' and then all of a sudden goes, ‘Well, I'll just stop TRT.' I find that very disingenuous. Personally, sorry to be long winded about this, but I'm going through this myself, where I've had to stop testosterone with the hope that we can find a new way to gain the results of upping testosterone to stay at a healthy level.

After racking up ,000 in consumer debt, the employee admitted the debt was due to “his own stupidity,” as well as letting his spouse handle all of the finances.

But just as ignorance of the law is no excuse, ignorance of your spouse’s spending is no excuse.

While access is granted to a single individual, a spouse or partner is quite intimately involved in the process, from being included on your SF-86 background investigation paperwork, to being interviewed, to – in some cases – tanking your chances of obtaining a clearance at all.

Here are some of the common ways a spouse or partner can affect your security clearance.