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“When I was widowed, in my early 50s, it was totally a new world. Expectations of how a woman was supposed to act (or) respond to a man – who was to make the first move – pay for the date.If I were to give it a value – I would say it is better. I am less dependent on needing a man to take care of me.” While many single folks over 50 say they are just looking for companionship, Ginni is different.GINNI – A “WANT-IT-ALL” WOMAN After a 33-year marriage, 71-year-old Ginni has been a widow for 17-years.She is an active senior who says her dating regime varies being as that she is a member of a dance group that does quite a bit of traveling.“I am taking a dating vacation for a few months,” she laughs.“It is not unusual for me to date weekly, when I do. NET uses the IP address hosted by Go Daddy com LLC in Scottsdale AZ United States, which also WINEXPRESSINDIA. Losing a spouse or life partner, whether to death or divorce, tops the list of being the most difficult and stressful thing a human being must suffer through, deal with, and hopefully, recover from.

The following is a glimpse of how six people between the ages of 55 and 75 are dealing with death or divorce and dating.My last serious relationship was several years ago. I have also met several nice men through Internet dating.” Having had some luck with Internet dating, Ginni recommends it. I know it has gotten a lot of bad press but, if you play by the rules, it can be a way to meet a lot of people and know more about them then you would if you met them somewhere else,” she reasons.As far as how dating has changed over the years, Ginni says she feels it is very different from when she was young.It is even more difficult for people over 50 being as that most have been in a relationship for many years, are not used to being alone, aren’t sure they are ready to start a new relationship, and may not even know how to go about meeting someone new.

When a person suffers the loss of a spouse or significant they may come to a point that they feel there is nothing natural or enjoyable about living alone and decide to step up and out and try to connect with someone once again.

“Companionship is great, but I am a ‘want-it-all’ type of woman.