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Mrs Litvinenko’s solicitor Elena Tsirlina said: ‘What has happened behind the scenes and publicly between Russia and Britain is very hard to say, but it is shocking that this public inquiry has been stopped.’ Mr Litvinenko, 43, was poisoned with radioactive polonium-210 while drinking tea at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair at a meeting with former KGB agents Andrei Lugovoy and Dmitry Kovtun. 'She was a mum before anything else': Lisa Watling and her husband Andy Greaves on a night out together.Those findings strengthened the belief that lead poisoning may have contributed - and ultimately led - to his death at age 57.But Viennese forensic expert Christian Reiter claims to know more after months of painstaking work applying CSI-like methods to strands of Beethoven's hair. He says his analysis, published last week in the Beethoven Journal, shows that in the final months of the composer's life, lead concentrations in his body spiked every time he was treated by his doctor, Andreas Wawruch, for fluid inside the abdomen.Ms Watling died of septicaemia after refusing to go to hospital because she didn't want to leave her children 'All she thought about was her children': Ms Watling is pictured left in a family photo with her sons Lewis, Kieran and Mason.Left, she is seen holding newborn Kieran as the family celebrated Christmas 'She loved having children': Mr Greaves and Ms Watling with Kieran, Lewis, Jaidon and Mason.Those lethal doses permeated Beethoven's ailing liver, ultimately killing him, Reiter told The Associated Press."His death was due to the treatments by Dr.

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Although lead's toxicity was known even then, the doses contained in a treatment balm "were not poisonous enough to kill someone if he would have been healthy," Reiter said. Wawruch clearly did not know (was) that his treatment was attacking an already sick liver, killing that organ."Even before the edemas developed, Wawruch noted in his diary that he treated an outbreak of pneumonia months before Beethoven's death with salts containing lead, which aggravated what researchers believe was an existing case of lead poisoning.

But it was the repeated doses of the lead-containing cream, administered by Wawruch in the last weeks of Beethoven's life, that did in the composer, Reiter said.

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